All audits are comprehensive, detailed and rigorously undertaken with regard for workforce and workplace sensitivities.  Effective audits are best undertaken in working partnership with you to achieve maximum outcomes. SheQ ISO Consultants are not only technically competent; we think they’re pretty decent people to work with as well!

Prior to audit a SheQ Consultant will arrange to meet your representative(s) and discuss the detail of the process to be undertaken.  The Consultant’s aim is to keep you fully informed throughout the assessment and to negotiate access to relevant records and personnel.  Interruption to normal workflow is kept to a minimum.  A full written report will be prepared for you with recommendations for action.

As a starting point prior to system implementation, we would recommend Gap Analysis audits against ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

We conduct internal company audits against any of the following requirements:

We can also integrate audits against any or all of the above criteria/standards.

  • We conduct baseline legal compliance audits against current environmental or health and safety legislation.  Please note that serious non-compliance of legislative requirements can lead to prosecution or imprisonment.  SheQ will advise if such issues are evident.
  • We conduct second party audits on your supply chain as required.

What sets SheQ Improvement Solutions apart from the rest?

Rigorous attention to detail on supportive assessments.

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