Do you have a clear vision of where you’re heading with Health & Safety in your business?

Have you communicated that vision to your colleagues/employees?

Have you gained the commitment and support of your colleagues/employees?

Do you lead by example?

Have you set some safety indicators or performance measures to track whether you’re improving?

Does everyone clearly understand what they need to do?

Does everyone have the skills, abilities and resources they need to do their jobs safely?

The importance of good leadership

The way you lead your team on health and safety can determine how safe your business is to work in (and the number of accidents, incidents and ill-health cases that happen) because:

  • your attitudes and beliefs about health and safety drive your behaviour
  • your behaviour on site sends a powerful message to your workers about how seriously they should take health and safety; and
  • the real causes of accidents on site can often be traced back to managers’ decisions

SheQ can help with your Safety Leadership journey, get in touch and we can hold your hand through the process.

You are all Captains of your own ships. Without clear direction from YOU and the support of your crew, you could capsize at the first encounter of stormy waters or your crew could jump ship. Involve everyone and start the journey together as a TEAM.