What is an integrated management system and PAS 99?

SheQ recommends utilising an integrated management system as this leads to a streamlined system; companies operate one system rather than two or more.  By operating in this way organisations are able to reduce administration and paperwork costs. Duplication is also avoided.

The PAS Integrated Management System is the first integrated management system requirements specification.  Even if your company goals do not include certification to PAS 99, SheQ does recommend the development of an integrated management system for all organisations.

Why is an Integrated Management System relevant to your organisation?

Integrated management is suitable for businesses in both the manufacturing and service sectors who want to integrate two or more of their management systems into one system to remove duplication, conflict and reduce costs.

Why SheQ for an Integrated Management System and PAS 99?

SheQ is pragmatic in their approach to integrated management systems and specifically PAS 99. SheQ would certainly recommend, support and implement an integrated management system for all companies.  This does not necessarily need to lead to the certification to PAS 99 badge although SheQ can support the integration of system documentation to meet the requirements of PAS 99.  This certification shows that you’re meeting your responsibilities and gives confidence to potential customers and suppliers as well as investors and stakeholders.  It also leads to reduced costs and time savings (avoids duplication of systems and reviews), reduced bureaucracy and conflict by having one set of processes and a reduction in the number of audits required.

SheQ Consultants are experts in the integration, consolidation and re-writing of system documentation to simplify, improve and streamline for more efficient management.

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